It was such an exciting and rewarding experience being part of a team that developed, designed and animated the main titles for FOX's Animal Control.  There was an incredible amount of custom work and personality that went into it. The main titles were designed to be light, fun, and playful while capturing the spirit of the show's premise, which centers around a team of animal control workers who navigate the challenges of their work while also finding moments of humor and heart.  
Huge thanks to Ian MacRitchieJesse Hallas and Jeffrey Hazan for their creativity, guidance, support and confidence in the Team, as well as the great partners at Animal Control for encouraging us to make something so unique. 

Original/Lead Design: Julie Zack
Lead Animator, Rigging and Additional Design: Jason Forman
Design, Animation and Rigging: Ana Cristina Lossada and Mike Stelmar
Riggers and Animation: Michael WynneDavid Miramontes and Brian Kim

Original Score by Nick Urata
Original Score by Nick Urata
We were super lucky and grateful that the show allowed us to be as creative and wild as possible. We certainly did not hold back, even in the scenes we thought they were not going to make it to final. 
The process behind creating the title involved a lot of brainstorming, sketching out rough concepts, refining the design, and then animating it. Inspired by Ariel Costa's amazing work, we added our own twist to it and used a lot of bold colors, simple shapes, dynamic animations and wild ideas to showcase the personality of  "Animal Control."
Breakdown and BTS coming soon!

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