DaVinci's Demons — 
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DaVinci was a genius man who stood out from society during his time. He envisioned breaking the boundaries in which people were living in. The emphasis of this piece is to represent the tension of being confined and restricted due to the boundaries of society and then breaking all the restrictions. 

I and two other motion designers; Chieh Lee, and Mina Valizadeh, collaborated on creating this project. We tried to capture the tension of restriction in the expression of human body.  The visual treatment used is the combination of line work with footage of the human body, geometric shapes, and Da Vinci’s inventive sketches as textures. Shooting video, green screening, frame by frame animation, 3d and 2d animation are the techniques we used in completing this project. I was involved pretty much in all parts of the project and worked on the concept, style framing, shooting videos, compositing, and animation. 




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