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Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle
All frames and animations produced at Big Machine
Selected art card explorations:
Final art card:​​​​​​​

Main on end concepts:

Big Machine presented 2 initial concepts after viewing an early cuT.  Without giving away the movie, video games and jungles were important themes that we wanted to explore.  Big Machine created an 8-bit recap of the movie and a lush 3D environment that would take viewers on a journey through the land of Jumanji.​​​​​​​
Frames from "Jungle" concept:
"Jungle" concept designed by Natalie Eagan and Ana Lossada
Frames from "8-bit" concept:
"8-Bit" concept designed by Alyssa Medina
We were also asked to explore some concepts that were more map based.  These eventually led to the concept which was selected for production:
Delivered Main On End:

Creative Directors:  Ken Carlson & Steve Petersen
Executive Producer: Sean Owolo
Producer:  Crystal Deones
Additional Producing:  Annie Chen
Design & Production Leads:  Dennis Shen & Ana Lossada
3D Modeling:  Natalie Eagan
Animators:  KA Batcha, Myung Yu & Geoff Ciccarelli
Interns:  Alyssa Medina, Janice Chan &  Shu Xiang

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