Special Forces S1 – Show Package
Agency: FOX Entertainment
Reality/Unscripted: Program Campaign
Very fun project done for FOX Entertainment. I was tasked with creating and developing a broadcast package for Special Forces. The design package is intended for use in on-air promotions, bumpers, and other marketing materials for the television series. 
These graphics are designed to convey the speed, precision, and power of the Special Forces, while capturing the excitement and intensity of their missions and operations
The package features a bold and gritty color palette, with a focus on  green and sand tones. The design elements are inspired by the military  badges and Jordan, the location the series was shot in. 
Special thanks to Dan Pierse for allowing me to explore many different styles and guiding me through the process.
Backplate Animation
More Look Development:
These where a few other look  explorations. Throughout the development process, I tried different styles as well as different color combinations, to see what fitted best and was cohesive with the edits of the show. 
SVP, Design: Ian MacRitchie
VP, Design: Jesse Hallas
Design Director: Dan Pierse
Design/Animation: Ana Lossada
Logo Design: Ramona Clarke
Assisting Artists: Joel Berberena, Ramona Clarke

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