Special Forces S2 – Show Package
Agency: FOX Entertainment
Very exciting  project done for FOX Entertainment. I was tasked with creating and developing a broadcast package for Special Forces S2. The design package is intended for use in on-air promotions, bumpers, and other marketing materials for the television series. 
Following the success of the first season - Season 2 set out in New Zealand. While retaining some elements from the previous package, we transitioned from the scorching and arid deserts to the crisp and cool environments of New Zealand, aligning the visual style with the new location.
Special thanks to Dan Pierse for allowing me to explore many different styles and guiding me through the process.
Backplate Animation
SVP, Design: Ian MacRitchie
VP, Design: Jesse Hallas
Design Director: Dan Pierse
Lead Design/Animation: Ana Lossada
Logo Design: Ramona Clarke

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